Panflex and Trotech is a producer of КОDAK and DuPONT photopolymer plates for all types of flexo printing packagings, electronic mounted plates for corrugated cardboard and paper with and without DIGI Corr. Our digital plates are of the last generation with a thickness of 0.76 to 5.5 mm and we have two manufacturing bases in Varna and in Plovdiv.

The qualified personnel of Panflex and Trotech will advise you about the plate type and thickness which are most appropriate for your printing technology.



Panfflex and Trotech produces plates with a thickness of 0.76 to 5.5 of КОDAK and DuPONT brands with a resolution up to 200lpi. They could be manufactured in a classic type or with further processing - hybrid raster (Samba) or Digi Cup.

The plates could be of a maximum size to 106.7/152.4 cm, which makes them most suitable for all types of flexible packaging.

Electronic mounted plates are specially developed for the needs of the large format printing on corrugated cardboard. They have special requirements for certain compression of the used material, installation foil, mouldings, rivets and DigiCorr, thus confining the mechanical impact on the final printing. They have maximum size of 300/145 cm.

Our products are installed electronically with cameras and passers with guaranteed matching of colors to 0.002 mm. Our aim is to be able to meet the constantly growing needs and requirements of our clients.

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